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Group: Morning Morning Album: Slow wave (Demo EP) Genre: post-rock/post-punk/indie Tracklist: 1.Food 2.Sunbeams in your hands 3.Werewolf 4.Springtime 5.Splinter Heard Sometimes it is: listen to the group for hours and it seems like a cool idea and all, but the music is gorgeous. But something was misunderstood, though all minimalistic and simple. That's because listening to a demo-EP group Morning Morning about 40 times and was quite unable to understand what is salt. However, now some thoughts yet appeared. Firstly, including this EP, you'll realize that there just recently listened motorama and were in perfect bliss, but just do not understand what.

Music is really like, but here it is more common, complicated and refined it that way, which is Morning Morning. You should not deprive vocals, they are all trying to be like Curtis, but the vocalist MM goes sometimes in a very Brit-Popov figures, and apparently oblivious to the Joy Division. How can you describe what the play Morning Morning? This is music with a monotonic highly tuned guitar, with not much original shock, but trying their hardest to bass. However, since not played the whole album. For example, the last track of the album, Splinter Heard – it's hot, a little bit of punk and rock 'n' Roll Hi-seventies. In general, the group clearly resonates with the past, but obviously looks to the future without closing themselves to violent winds of media space. In summary, I note that including Slow Wave, you may receive a high quality, modern Russian (!) Post-punk, or rather the music, the most approached close to this concept and feel.

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December 12th, 2011 at 6:51 pm

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