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You think through scenarios of their performances or this improvisation, which is born already during his speech? The scenarios do not think over. Wishes to ask the musical format of the customers. And on the show – I'm a professional, I need only hear a description of the club or just see to understand what is needed and a costume show possible. I was wondering if blocked by didzheyka whether podium or stage, what floor (tile, carpet or wood – the possibility of a small faershou), there is a pole – I have been working with all of this. My show depends on the interior of the club. For example, with beautiful costumes and an original top, fit a fenced didzheyku and beautiful costumes from the bottom – to exit the stage, or to a pole. But with the sixth is a particular – there is no mohawk hairstyle and anointing the body with oil, gloves and stockings. Do you have a team (PR managers, writers, makeup artists, hairdressers, …) or your whole image is only the fruit of your creativity? Team booking managers, hairdressers and makeup artists, stylists, seamstresses and designers – it's all me! I do everything myself.

At the time, has been a lot of courses on all sorts of tricks women (hair, nails, eyelashes, beautician courses, make-up artist, stylist, sewing-embroidery dalos on the books). Fully at all times give their work, sewing costumes, embroidery, sequins, hair, buying music and its picking, communicating by booking … Sometimes I need help because of lack of time, but I do not trust no one brought up as herself, his labor and money, and they all want to earn more without doing anything and not investing. In general, this is my personal business and I do not allow me to command and to use it. Do you have any idols? Idols do not. Do not even know why. How often do you have to be with performances abroad? At which festival you would like to make? Travel abroad beginning from the end of February 2009, so in this case I have one assistant. It only deals with documents, tickets and a page on MySpace, although I am not very happy, he always need to be reminded what to do, in short, to command them.

The first trip was in Tbilisi. In March tour of Macedonia. All this summer I worked abroad, 2 two-week tour of Bulgaria, a trip to Croatia. So go abroad we can say quite often, but this is only the beginning. You share the creative plans for the future? For the Future – aim to get worldwide fame and visit as many countries with his performance, write songs, play in music videos, television shows, programs. Write a book about yourself and make a movie – it is my goal. Download Download file photo rider as (for customers) Booking +3 8095 613 59 59 (Ukraine, Russia, Europe)

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