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Therefore it is better given 15-20 minutes to ensure that a child with fun and efficient implementation of the occupation. Competition. You can try to interest the child, using a little competition, for example, who quickly learn a song, mother or son? And in the end to present the prizes, such as a chocolate medal. You can try using a different technique. Some of the parents sit down at the instrument and slowly begins to learn the product, constantly asking the child, as well as play this or that.

Many children it is important to show parents their skills so they can take the game and go to the tool. Freedom in creativity. If playing the piano is closed only on learning of and performance works on the program, the child begins to perceive the piano as a hostile object on which it is forced to play. Piano – is not child's toy, but you should try to position it so way that the child saw him as an object of the game. If a child comes to the piano not only when it is time to do, then it is very good.

For this example, you can take any story and try with your child to make a musical fairy tale – to interpret the text to sounds. Fairy tales children love. Accordingly, the objects with which turns a fairy tale, children also enjoy. The game always comes out as if in two temporal dimensions: the present and future. On the one hand, it provides a momentary personal pleasure is the satisfaction of actual needs. On the other hand, the game is directed to the future, since it either projected or simulated life situations, or fixed properties, qualities, skills, abilities, personality necessary for social, professional and creative functions. VL Sukhomlinskii wrote: " Let us examine carefully the place of the game of life … For a game – it is a most serious matter. The game opens, the children of the world, reveals the creative abilities of the individual. Without these, and can not be full mental development. The game – a huge bright window through which the spiritual world of the child joins the life-giving flow of ideas, concepts about the world. Game – it is a spark ignited spark curiosity curiosity. " VL Sukhomlinskii also noted that "… a full spiritual life of the child only when he lives in a world of games, stories, music, fantasy and creativity." Meanwhile, the game over the years is less significant role in life groups, dominated by school-age children. One of the reasons – lack of attention to the development of game theory students. The clearest example of a game introduces us to the position of teacher activity, AM Makarenko. He wrote: "One of the most important ways of parenting, I think the game. In the life of a group of children is a serious and responsible role play should occupy an important place. And you, teachers must be able to play. "

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November 24th, 2011 at 4:52 pm

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