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Black Sea

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Among planktonic algae are many that feed on marine animals. Black Sea water is known is famous for its extraordinary purity. Depending on the season, it can acquire a different hue. The color of water varies from blue, light blue or turquoise to dark – green with various ottenkami.Vse depends on the depth and light level. Not for nothing that the Black Sea could be called one of the warmest. His temperature in the upper usually exceeds 16 degrees. What is already talking about the summertime? At this time the water temperature over 25 degrees, which attracts many tourists to the resort town.

Winter – approximately + 6 – 8 degrees. There are many theories attempting to explain origin of the name of the Black Sea. There is a theory that during a strong wind the sea darkens so that it becomes like a black abyss. There is also a hypothesis regarding the large number of the Black Sea hydrogen sulfide (when the sailors lowered the sea anchor 25 m deep, dark iron quickly). But the most interesting version of the ancient name of the concerns of the sea. Previously, he was called Chermnykh, which means "beautiful." Anapa Black Sea surrounded on three sides, due to the fact that the city is located on the promontory jutting into the sea at a distance of over a kilometer. Inhabitants of Anapa live at different heights – from 30 meters down to the lowlands.

After passing the Little Bay beach, you can see a beach that goes from the pebble in the sand. It offers the best sandy beach on the coast. Despite the love for water, do not forget about security. The sea is always calm here and harmless. In this region the maximum wave height reaches 7-8 meters (about 6 or 7 points). Maximum wave height is reached during a storm. In August 2003, there was marked by a wave of up to 14 meters in height and 200 meters in length. Such cases occur at our resort only once in 50 years. Usually the waves are groups, and also at the center are the biggest waves, although the edges are not as high. It is not necessary to enter the delusion that it will be the ninth wave large. The ancient Greeks called dangerous every third such wave, and the Romans – every tenth. Whatever it was, during a storm, swimming in the sea is not advised. There are moments in which people who are experienced swimmers, may also drown. All this is due to the fact that the force of waves during storms can be more than 100 tons per 1 square meter. In Anapa plenty of hotels, resorts, health spa, where you can perfectly accommodate not only for leisure but also for treatment. Conventionally, to rest in Anapa, you can add one more species. This cognitive rest, it includes a visit to the city's attractions, but they are enough to learn a great deal and nezaby

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August 14th, 2018 at 2:11 pm

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