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Another highlight: the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft research truck the most exciting event of the year rising on Saturday, 7 November, 17 midnight: the 3rd night of knowledge in Hamburg. Experiments, hands-on activities, lectures, discussions, guided tours and concerts are waiting to be explored. Learn more at: comedian. Total about 650 points of program many specifically attract visitors for children and young people. All free and comfortable with the extra furnished free bus shuttle network can be reached. In the short term and newly added is a highlight of a special kind. The Fraunhofer Society, the leading organization for applied research in Europe, attends the night of knowledge with its research-truck. The Fraunhofer truck stands on the site of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg and presented scientific research results in the fields of health, safety, communication, mobility, energy and environment in a more vivid way. Among the approximately 60 participating universities, research institutes and other scientific Facilities are also universities and research institutes of the metropolitan area and North Germany for the first time under one roof with their programmes and projects in a central location in the East Wing of the University of Hamburg.

There the clusters, as well as eligible imagine also. Who still does not know how he wants to make his tour through the night of knowledge, find help on the Internet. There is a program Planner, the events under various search settings determined. For all those who need a few suggestions, there is an exciting tour suggestion: 17.00 – 17.45: up in the subconscious mind how advertising works, North Academy College of business, main building of the University of Hamburg 18: 00-19:00: GameCityLab Hamburg – here be examined current technologies and design approaches, new game ideas tried and evaluated. HAW Hamburg, campus Berliner Tor 20: 00-20:30: what are Facebook, Twitter & co? An overview of the most exciting offerings of Web 2.0, Hamburg media school 21: 00- 22:00: Science Slam with the audience as a jury, University of Hamburg, West Wing, Cafe dell’Arte 22.15 – 22.45: what would become the Beatles in Hamburg from the Beatles without the formative period in Hamburg? Hochschule fur Musik und Theater and who want to experience Hamburg’s science celebrities live, you will also find it: Watch Christoph von Dohnanyi, with a public rehearsal at the Conservatory of music over the shoulders, with Carlo by Tiedemann in the Central Library for economic sciences, test your knowledge in the economic quiz or learn exciting details about Arved Fuchs’ expeditions in the Geomatikum of the KlimCampus. For all information about the night of knowledge on the site

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