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The citizenship since Greece and Rome comes if evolving with passing of the years, where in accordance with its times, she was seen of a differentiated vision. In Greece de Plato and Aristotle, the considered citizens, were those that had discernment to think with regard to the societies. So that this occurred, it was necessary to be a free man, that is, not to need to work, therefore the freedom was not of the direction to go or to come, who worked was not free man, a time that the envolvement in the public affairses demanded integral devotion. In Rome, the idea was the same one, therefore citizen for these was the ones that exerted the rights politicians and civilians and the distinction between whom they possuam this quality and the ones that do not possuam it. The history of the citizenship in Brazil is directly on to the historical study of the constitutional evolution of the Country. However, the citizenship is linked with the right of the aged ones, in what it refers to the access justice among others, that in the truth, only is Express formal, to put materially, does not function with as much effectiveness.

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August 14th, 2018 at 9:02 pm

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