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Bryan Philipp – Orcas Tears

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The new single from Bryan Philipp – Orcas tears is the 23-year-old Bryan Philipp of the few talented rapper and actor, who has learned it through their own fate never to give up one and do it better than anyone else. In 2008, Bryan was financed his private acting classes and took advantage of a private education in the next year. “So he is also the Berlin actor known RTL daily SOAP Gute Zeiten schlechte Zeiten” and embodied in addition to acting as a musician, the republication of for years troubled and drawn down rape, which he referred to as a definition of the NeoRap BBs. Bryan came to the music when he had the idea to remodel his self-penned poems using the chants to unique rap songs. Jorge Perez wanted to know more. His lyrics deal with hopes and dreams, as well as special adventure.

So he dedicates himself to his songs the lonely hearts out there, who feel alone and miss their beloved. Bryan moderation experience in his own and even rap developed show TV, where he many of his Berlin rap idols including massive, MC Bogy, members of aggro Berlin, as guests invited. Later, he hosted a popular youth magazine on the Spree Canal. For even more details, read what Hedvig Hricak says on the issue. There he had guests from the German football national team among others. Orca BBs tears is an emotionally very catchy song, which is the first single from the upcoming album. Orca is BBs tears no republication of Free Willy, but the song reflects a broken love and shows clearly how the partners under the separation suffers and fights for his love. Orca BBs tears touches and gets under your skin, like even those who otherwise hear no rap. The song was produced by the producer team Nils Brandt, Lars Mellow and Martin May. The text has written Bryan Philipp itself and comes directly from his life and heart.

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May 20th, 2019 at 8:33 pm

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