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Teletext System

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Well, maybe Rodnyansky with Yarmolnik still find in his record-breaking budget of several thousand dollars to buy a teletext system, and then the poor Faye Dunaway did not know where to put her hands, they, these "nasty>> Yankees, can not improvise, as our current leader a piece of paper. Also do not go Yarmolnik points. Paper Soldier first, I thought that "perfekttsionizm>> This is a new disease such as aids, as it turned out that" perfekttsionist>> – is the man striving for excellence in all aspects of their work. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Larry Culp. Excellent! But on the other hand, everyone knows full well that striving for perfection is infinite, so you should still know when to stop and stop on time, the more in the arts, especially in the form of art where the works are not consumed by passion alone, but staff of ordinary people, but also, oddly enough, the person. Some time ago I was in a slight loss: how it can be removed film ten years, as we now do not live in a totalitarian society with its taboos and censorship? And then two pair: simple man decided to go the other way and create a new sect "Witnesses Herman>>. Offspring struck a somewhat different disease "I want to please>> – I want it! Though you tresni! Luckily, before he became an ardent advocate of the sect and not making films for eight to ten years, but it is felt, not far off. And that poor old Europe from Russia should be, except for gas and oil? Of course, the mysterious Anton Pavlovich , or something exotic Give it to them, the Europeans have the impression, but rather the feeling that they had flown to another planet, forever separated from their "Advanced>> of human civilization, from what was in a terrible dejection. Well, if it's all connected into a single image, then success is guaranteed. .

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May 19th, 2019 at 6:41 pm

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