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Cibermendigos, A New Face Of The Crisis

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For several years, from 2007, we have been looking at how a new form of network beging began called cibermendigos (ciberbegging). The creator of this idea is the American Karyn Bosnak based in Brooklyn (New York), who would have incurred a debt of $ 20,000 due to misuse of credit cards. In his first weeks was $ 13,000 asking only $ 1 for each blog visitor. Following this situation thousands of young Americans resorted to this method to pay its debts arising from a credit binge. Far from all this happened in the U.S., Spain is emerging in a form of cibermendigos realesa a so to call them since at least the cause is a bit more noble and understandable by the vast majority of us. People who saw the crisis as their families fall apart for lack of income, have opted for this activity.

It is very sad surf the web and find pages and pages where you have really shocking and horrifying stories, at least for those who are better off economically. An example is this website because I’ve seen of it is undoubtedly the most captivated me: where a couple of 25 years, we have the hardships that are going after they were fired. A difficult history as many / as Spanish / as we are experiencing at the moment and reflects a reality that many want to hide or disguise minimum. Hopefully, someday all this is over and nobody has to beg even in the network of networks.

Written by Minna

January 12th, 2011 at 10:24 am

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