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The studies, sports, music, family work, the couple's relationship, friends, fun … I had been involved in a centrifugal dynamic. I was always active. Always looking and speaking out. I realized I had stopped writing, my poems, my thoughts … I had left to meditate, contemplate, talk to transcendence, to hear the inner voice …

I realized I had lost inner life. That was, in short, no longer. That was no longer to be. To do. Even to have.

But as mysterious as a vocation to be unavoidable, I forced the purpose of recovering the way inside. A willingness to clear the path to the depths of my being. And, almost without intending it, I got my bearings in a position to listen. Here, one can say that I took the first step to start. Then maybe operatively, we should tell readers that, to begin, just stop, breathe and sleep with, only to physiologically rest of the activity. Be prepared to dream, daydream, without haste, and not noticing how time passes, but we are time we are a rhythm, beat and even more melody of being. Submerged in the river, of course, we will get back to everyday life, but will respond to your call again. We will know, getting better, finding the way to that light. More and more easily. We have been brave, we're willing to lose his footing on the effectiveness to fly, to be our own flight, because we are flying. The rest, is to try not to lose faith ever.

Written by Minna

February 1st, 2011 at 9:22 am

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