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Concert Special: Shanti Sing Kirtan, Bhajans And Mantras

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“Saturday, November 14, 18:30 – Yoga culture Studio in Basel Yoga day special on 14november 2009 in yoga culture Studio from 13:30 yoga practice ‘In the flow of the experience’ explore the power of experience to capture the essence of your true nature to reveal and your true self” to learn. You will experience the flow of experience after a dynamic warm-up period, which culminates in back bends and many other highlights. All Studenten know their full potential and evolve constantly. Yoga with Vincent. “Appointment in detail: 14 / 11 13:30 16:00 cost: 40,-CHF 18:30 concert special – Shanti Yoga culture Studio Basel we would all the more get freedom, feel more love, conscious Leben.Mit we want to take the horizon, resonate with our hearts sing the various names of the divine in common sound.” Shanti, an inspirational mantra duo of Switzerland and Germany, with their first album in baggage just play songs with harp, harmonium, guitar and percussion to go to rave, to celebrate more information: dates in detail: 14 18:30 20:30 sign up now at

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May 6th, 2016 at 1:48 am

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