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Golden Jubilee

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A date to never forget, when it reaches the 50 years of marriage and gives way to Golden Jubilee. The Golden Jubilee event is very unusual, where a couple has managed to reach the 50 years of marriage, passing through many adversities, enjoyable moments, the arrival of children, always together and sharing couple a lifetime of love, understanding, affection, dislikes, problems, reconciliations and everything a myriad of emotions being experienced in almost a lifetime of marriage; Therefore this time only by the life of a couple is celebrated differently by this are referred to as golden wedding. So when you get this special date, as it is folcloricamente House boot out the window, i.e. is a celebration unprecedented, since a couple that has lasted 50 years and reached their golden wedding anniversary, living their lives together to maximize and undoubtedly want to keep living the rest of their lives, is something that is done with all the lovealready that all the children, grandchildren, family and friends collaborate to make these Golden Jubilee a pleasant keepsake for the happy couple. The normal activities of the Golden Jubilee, include a large meeting, accompanied in many cases a religious ceremony and a Grand dinner where all the guests gather environment to the quallity.

Between preparations for the ceremony’s Golden Jubilee, the invitations are made either telephone manner or through cards where he is established, the date, place, time and if desired can be placed if the guest wants to provide some details as things for the home or something you can enjoy together, or what is getting lately used so-called rain of envelopesequally between the spouses get used to giving any jewel or something very personal that is known to like you for the entire time of coexistence and already know the tastes, in the case of children it is customary to give in Golden Jubilee, is to offer as a gift a journey to the place where traveled to the moment of his honeymoon after her marriageother gifts that are customary to give is the gift of jewels in this case gold. In final These gold weddings are something so special, unforgettable and that anymore it will be repeated in the life of couples that should be an entertainment that represents tremendous value and display of affection for the couple, since not every day a couple resists both time of coexistence continues, since to reach these golden wedding it must have been a mutual and tireless accompaniment all the time that have been together where lovetrust, tenderness, patience, tolerance and mutual support have given life and experience a stable relationship of a lifetime. So when it happens the celebration of Golden Jubilee may say that the mandate of God live together for life, has become reality in a world where so rare occasion a couple makes a connection so intimate that unites them throughout his life from the moment of their marriage, the arrival of their golden wedding anniversary, and until death separates them.

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May 29th, 2016 at 4:26 pm

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