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Controlling emotions involved, to be aware of your actions and act in a responsible manner avoiding doing harm to others. An emotion is the reaction that is triggered by a printing engraved in the brain causing a positive or negative feeling. Emotion is a controllable feeling and can be manipulated by physical and psychological mechanisms generated by positive or negative thoughts and your can be controlling your emotions. Emotions altered negatively, are dangerous and not only cause damage to you as a person, but also surrounding that. A wise person knows to control their emotions with positive thoughts, never let you control your emotions, be you who control the emotions. Remember that a wise person never makes everything you think and less if it is negative, but always does everything he does and prevents subsequent consequences.

A wise way of controlling your emotions is as Og Mandino says: if I feel depressed Cantaresi I feel sad Reiresi I feel sick redoblare my workspaceIf you are feel fear me messy adelanteSi I feel less wear clothes nuevasSi I feel insecure will raise the vozSi I feel poor think wealth futurSi I feel incompetent will remember hits pasadosSi me feel insignificant will remember my achievements against them also am always alert if it seizes me excessive confidence will remember my fracasosSi I feel inclined to deliver me to the good life will remember famines pasadasSi I feel complacent remind my competidoresSi I enjoy moments of greatness will remember Verguenzasi moments I feel Almighty will try to stop the vientoSi reached great wealth I will remember a mouth hambrientSi I am proud too will remember a moment of debilidadSi I think my ability will have no equal then behold the stars. So if you can control the emotions. leave me a comment and tell me what other way you can control the emotions or if you have problems at the time of practicing them, your suggestions are well received.

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September 23rd, 2013 at 1:55 am

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