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Fernando Alonso

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The Asturian one says that it leaves by the dirty side and that fourth place will have to conserve his. It affirms that to raise podio in Valencia it will be difficult, will have to fight against the McLaren. It remembers that it takes " thirteen or fourteen carreras" in front of its Massa companion. The Spanish pilot of Ferrari Fernando Alonso is outstanding that " the exit will be more of dnder than of atacar" , with respect to the Great Prize of Europe that will dispute east Sunday, because it will start off from the fourth position of the grill, by " the dirty side of pista". " If it gets to leave all good to them to the others, would have left quinto" , it has affirmed the pilot of escudera Italian, that has explained that has entered the garages before " in order to save a game of neumticos" since he was conscious that in that return he was " two tenth more lento". " In normal conditions, podio will not be easy. I leave quarter, so there will be to advance to somebody.

If the pilots of Red Bull have a clean race, will be first and secondly, so the fight by podio is with Hamilton and Button" , it has made specific. The pilot of Ferrari prefers " a race normal" , since with a car of security in track " it can leave or or mal" and it has " more than to lose than ganar". In the race, " the soft tire seems rpido&quot more; , according to the Asturian one, that has announced that in Ferrari prehorseradish tree " between one and three paradas". " I am in favor happy of the progress of the car, we are closing the distance between Red Bull and we. This is the best classification of ao" , the Asturian, conscious pilot is outstanding that in Canada he was second but in Valencia has finished to means second of German pilot Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), author of pole. " In other great prizes we were to a second and medio" , Alonso has remembered, that has explained that the objective era " the fight against McLaren, an obtained goal. In last the three races the car has improved, I hope to maintain this direccin". Alonso has insisted on which in the single-seater, at the beginning of the season, " each piece was mala" by the problems with the tunnel of the wind, and it has outstanding that " perhaps without these problems, Ferrari could be at the level of Red Bull, but now it is two or three months behind ". The Asturian one has remembered that takes " thirteen or fourteen carreras" finishing in front of its teammate, the Brazilian Felipe Massa, and " ms" he cannot do. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: " The exit will be more of dnder than of atacar"

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October 6th, 2013 at 3:36 am

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