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Dance, Inflaming The Heart

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Dance, inflaming the heart. Sunrise and sunset, the surf and breath of wind – the pulse of the universe. Universe breathes and lives in the same rhythm, which responds to the dance echoes with every flick of the wrist, movement and rotation The dance is language, with which you can express that without saying – all the most intimate, secret and intimate. Belly Dancing – the language of searing passion and seduction is available not only beautiful women but also the strong floor. Nikita Lanin- winner of international contest of Oriental dance is ready to assure you of that. Nikita, tell me how long have you been dancing and belly dancing in particular? Dance at all I was doing twelve years, and belly dancing third year. I went to school dances in Nikel, participated in various dance competitions and festivals.

Officially, I was only ballroom dancing and took lessons for a more in other areas. Then I went to University, he moved to Murmansk, and now I live and do here. Naturally, for me, opened up new possibilities and prospects as soon as I arrived. First of all, I was wondering Murmansk dance school and I went engage in “Gem Club. I am very grateful to people out there who have worked with me for a year: they gave me a lot. When you arrived in Murmansk, once you decided that you’ll do just dancing? No, not right away.

At first I tried find a job, but then I realized that it would be foolish to go to work, for example, a waiter, after twelve years of studying dance. I was not so much needed a job, how much self-actualization. Then I started looking for a place where would have been able to show all What I’ve been studying. In the end I got a job at a dance club where the emphasis was on belly dancing, and as all around doing it, I’m just interested in the art. Why belly dance, it’s quite unusual for a young man, because are engaged mainly girls? It’s just a stereotype. Since ancient times, belly dance performed by both women and men. As for me, I think any man, if he wants evolve and grow over itself, to constantly try to discover something new. This “new” to me and began to belly dance. When I started to do them, I was fully convinced that I’m not the only the guy who owns the art, and then accidentally discovered that I occupy a niche that does not take in Murmansk to me no one. I am very critical reaction and a positive assessment of people that I do, so I acted with their show in clubs such as the “Marrakesh” and “Icebreaker” and is now happy to speak when I am invited. Tell us about your trip to the competition of belly dance in St. – Petersburg? This is one of the most popular competitions in our country, which are trying to go all the masters of dance. It is called the “International Festival of the Arabian Dance,” and among the top three in Europe. This time the festival was about two hundred and I spoke to the category of “amateurs” because do belly dancing is relatively recent.

When I went to this contest, my main task was to declare itself, and, of course, look at the skills of others. The festival was yet included educational seminars (master – classes), who were the stars of such magnitude as Amar Aleppo. The atmosphere of the festival was very supportive, but despite this, I was worried. After my speech was preceded by long preparation: I had to think about the image, sew clothes, to pick up the music and carefully rehearse – all it took a lot of time and effort, and I just could not afford to speak directly. I finished third place in “Belly Dance Classic (men). I think this is a good result for the international competition, but it’s just a start for me, and I’m going to move on. What are your future plans? I intend to continue their studies belly dance, to explore in detail his views and traditions. I plan to participate in various festivals and competitions, in particular, the fall going to go to the same festival in St. – Petersburg, but with a completely new program. I will speak and a solo show with my band. I have a huge variety of zadumok and I just hope to hit the audience with something new, unusual and exciting. Belly dance – is a fiery passion captured in every movement, and I intend to disclose to the audience all its beauty and powerful energy.

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February 28th, 2014 at 3:11 pm

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