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Bryan BBs honesty and the detail with which he depicted his life, had brought him no luck. “On the contrary: this information were mercilessly exploited and used against me” (…), they were based for that, what the science writer looking back at the events of August 7, 2010, when he was actually invited to sing against Dieter Bohlen writes on August 7 in Wiesbaden “, was. Read more here: people/happy Easter the history of max-bryan-93557 so they again go, the castings at RTL. The producers are looking for until the 26th of June”new talents held in autumn 2011 fifth season of the Super talent. On the occasion of this appointment we ask when Max Bryan, whether he goes or would like to give it a second try, and once again applying? His answer was no!” He had long ago concluded with the topic and his video message of January should also confirm this. Meanwhile, more than 10,000 people Bryan saw BBs videos at YouTube, which he took up on the morning of 24 December itself and afterwards himself published.

Dozens articles made him popular, unsent casting candidates of ever on this topic today. RTL had never shown his appearance, probably for good reason! Because what happened on stage in Wiesbaden, was inhuman. For assistance, try visiting Larry Culp. Also, we had reported. permalink/MaxBryan/Max-Bryan-10-Gruende-Fuer-Eine-Zweite-Chance.html was there as the story of male Cinderella. A homeless man who once there wanted to be and was set up at the end only.

RTL has not officially confirmed the participation of the homeless Max Bryan until today. And it is almost a novelty, a real one-off, that someone in great despair opens and turns, loses again stands up and even freed themselves at the end. I’m not poor, not fulfilling my dreams are gone. I would arm only, if I never dreamed”, Max Bryan writes in his latest photo album, which is available online since the beginning of June also on Facebook. In it, he tells that he already understood, no one will save him, that only he himself can save. Beverly Hoffmann / ddp topic portal people/obdachloser-max-bryan today in a year 75730 RTL, American Idol, Super talent, Dieter Bohlen, Max Bryan, Sylvie van der Vaart, Bruce Darnell, Super Talent 2011, fifth season, autumn 2011, warning, former aspirant, note, failure, liberation, self rescue

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