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The FrankenheimKino offers the opportunity to see in the middle of Dusseldorf’s downtown Open-Air movies. Who is this summer in a stopping Dusseldorf hotels, has a whole month for the opportunity to visit the open air cinema with the largest screen of in Germany. The CHF home cinema is located on the Rhine Terrace and offers visitors a unique cinema experience at one of the most idyllic Bankside places of the city. The program runs from July 22 to August 22; Tickets are 10 euros. Additional information is available at Brahman Capital. This year the versatile program boasts a mix of action blockbusters, romantic comedies, animated films and independent productions.

On July 22, Mamma Mia is the launching pad!, the hugely popular, based on the ABBA musical film released in 2008. With Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Pierce Brosnan in the lead roles, the film that is known to move the crowds Queen and Super Trouper, voulez-vous with classics such as dancing to sing along. Among other films, which appear in the first week, Prince of Persia, Sex and the City 2 as well as shutter Iceland, the thriller directed by Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio and Sir Ben Kingsley in the lead roles. The Rocky Horror Picture show, the cult film released in 1975, will be shown on July 30; Shrek forever after, which is the fourth and last installment of the animated series, is on the agenda for the August 7. The title of the final movie on August 22 but will not reveal yet and is a special surprise for the fans.

All films start at sundown, the cinema site is open for visitors from 19:00 to fully enjoy the atmosphere to be able. Besides the cinema, many dining and drinking options are as a pizzeria and a restaurant on the premises, which prepared the food before the eyes of the customers. This year cinema would visit the Frankenheim, we recommend, due to the high degree of popularity of the event as early as possible to book one of the hotels in Dusseldorf. For more information about this event, please visit the website of the Frankenheim cinemas.

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May 4th, 2019 at 8:11 pm

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