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For Christmas, the fact is that we tend to put dessert nougat, marzipan, polvorones and a typical dessert, but the Christmas recipes are at the end of the special recipes. And there is a special dessert a chocolate coulant. No longer just be chocolate, but also because it is a laborious dessert only motivate us to do a special occasion. At least to me, because there are people who like both the kitchen if it is laborious not motivated. In any case, is a dessert that will stay as true masters of the kitchen. 250 grams of chocolate. 175 grams of butter. 5 eggs.

75 grams of flour. 125 grams of sugar. 10 truffles (or chocolate). 1 teaspoon cocoa powder. We truffles or chocolates in the freezer, a fridge so they are ready to serve dessert. To make the dough will cover the butter and chocolate in a bowl and set it in the microwave, until melted. When they have melted, we will leave to cool until lukewarm. Meanwhile, split in two containers, the whites from the yolks of eggs.

We beat the yolks and mix with the chocolate and butter, when the mixture is cool. No stone unturned until well blended. In addition, mix the sugar to the egg whites and beat them until stiff. When ready the whites, mixing slowly with the mixture of egg yolks, chocolate and butter. It is important to mix little by little and not too much, otherwise they lose the fluffiness. When the mixture begins to be homogeneous, we add the flour, previously screened. We remove the mass dae again with a movement from top to bottom, following the above criteria to avoid mixing too much to retain its fluffiness. When the dough is ready, prepare the molds. To do this, we rub them with butter and sprinkle with cocoa powder to prevent it from adhering and can draw the coulants easily. Fill each mold slightly and in the center of each, place a truffle (or chocolate) previously frozen. We finished cover each pan with a little more dough and put it in the oven, preheated to 170 for 8 minutes. This dessert should be served hot. As you can see a recipe is laborious, but the result is spectacular and will give the evening a festive spirit only can get good food. You can find the recipe, and many others in our cookbook.

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November 1st, 2013 at 1:36 pm

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