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In this type of makeup can create a picture imitating or inspired by something that we want to reflect or simply an image with a touch of fantasy but abstractly, without having to mean nothing. A good way to represent the make-up of fantasy is photography, a beauty fantasy makeup, will be a beauty makeup led to exaggeration, often embellished with outfits and accessories to makeup like drawings, strokes, precious stones, etc. Will always try to embellish with a makeup combined with some extraordinary decoration to a beauty makeup routine or drawing strokes of art form. Body makeup (also known as body painting), is a makeup of fantasy that is done with aguacolor, this can be done in its entirety with aguacolor, painting the body an integer, either, by combining it with a more natural beauty make-up, we can use it as watercolor over the anchorage of makeup, since there are an infinite number of shades or blurring it several colors or even merging it with the skin tone. The way distribute colours is very important, since these according to its intensity and luminosity model us the face, creating volumes and collapses, we can make all kinds of harmonies, if we want the colors come to life and stand out more have contrast together complementary colors without mixing (color theory). In beauty makeup fantasy we can create with complete freedom in terms of colors and strokes, however, if there are a few guidelines to follow. Beauty fantasy makeup techniques: when making a fantasy beauty makeup can draw a model previously in paper, to see your result and will decide where the design and colors to use.

We maquillaremos adapting ourselves to the shapes of the face, will not draw on top as if it were a flat canvas, will adapt to it, since it’s a beauty makeup and want to beautify the person. We want to model the face to create a beauty makeup, we will respect its natural form highlighting the natural points of light. The way of distributing colors has a lot importance, since these according to its intensity and luminosity we model and they will shape the face, creating volumes and collapses, if we want to bring colors to life much more highlighting, we will apply complementary colors together, but without blurring, since they would not be pure. Complementary colors are those that have nothing to do with each other, which are very different, so when put side by side highlighted more and this creates a very striking effect on the make-up of fantasy. The forms of drawing strokes also plays a very important role, the curvature of rounded strokes soften features, bringing sensuality ideal to represent a female face, while straight and spiky shapes created a more aggressive and cold image. Combinations of colors also produce sensations, makeup artists interpret the soul giving color, they have own character transmitting heat, cold, tranquility, joy, excitement, etc beauty makeup fantasy is often used in different acts, mainly in shows, theaters, Carnival, festivals of costumes, Halloween and currently a had much growth in advertising photography and fashion shows. Art and imagination are the words that describe this type of make-up, he finds the perfect combination of beauty and fantasy to look more flattering and stunning make-up.

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November 7th, 2013 at 9:58 pm

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