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election. But how does manipulation on legal work? Of course, you say, with the help of the right. Effective discrimination of the poor of America in this country relatively incomprehensible, it is necessary to themselves before elections in the United States as voters register. And just this registration is trying to take advantage of the Republicans in a broad campaign to decide the US election 2012 in their favour to kurenden candidates. For this purpose, were and are laws in numerous Republican governed States of the United States, which clearly exacerbate the existing terms and conditions. For one, the new rules massively hinder the work of very traditional in the United States non-profit societies to the voter registration. In addition a special, with picture proof of identification is required now in many places by the choice of complying.

Both measures aim so clearly how effective on a specific population group, which includes 11 percent of potential U.S. voters, at least 21 million people, according to reliable estimates about. “I don’t want that everyone chooses.” These are the poor of America, where simply the requirements to apply for a such registry permission card to the U.S. election missing, because for example they neither yet about a birth certificate have a driver’s license picture. This population group had agreed to the US election 2008 in far greater numbers than usual to register and then almost invariably for Obama. Orchestrated is this cross-State legislative initiative by the “American legislative Exchange Council” (ALEC), a very influential Association of Republican politician and industrialist. There, and with the supporters of the new regulations measures – ironically – be justified with improved protection against electoral fraud. However such finds, based on the registration in the United States actually as well as not take place. A famous saying of the founder of ALEC, Paul Weyrich, however, speaks volumes about the spirit behind this muted constitutional, discriminatory election manipulation: “I don’t want everybody to vote.” (“I don’t want that everyone chooses.”) Again brings us unclear Jamon at Joss – is who in This sophisticated crooks play of the Lucky Luke is. Andreas Kellner…

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May 22nd, 2014 at 11:13 pm

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