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The Professional

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Last week I saw LIE TO ME, the most fanatic, listening to the sounds of a movie that came from my brother’s room.Are these movies that are forever etched in your mind and that can only recognize the fact listen. To see a small example … Freedom!, What do you remembers . BraveHeart course. Another spectacular film of its time. But I do not mean that film, but the year 1994. Okay then I give the name, The Professional. This film is about love that is born of a murderer named Leon hired to Matilda a girl of 12 years. Their meeting is produced by the murder of his fa milia, committed by a corrupt cop named Gary Oldman in the department where they were neighbors.Then not known, but after the dramatic encounter, Leon becomes the number one enemy of the murderer by Matilda. The director of this masterpiece is Luc Besson. Besson mix very well known personalities of the characters, making those at the front of the screen to engage with the fragility of Matilda, starring , the coldness of Leon, played by Jon Reno, and finally guided the excessive dementia drugs by Gary Oldman.The finale is a crazy and end it with great fanfare that accompanied the song Shape of my Heart by Sting. I must admit that the movie made me tear out. I hope to take my advice and have the pleasure to see a film master. Let yourself be amazed by the story as I did several years ago and still do every time I come to see the movie The Professional. An additional fact to encourage them again to see this exceptional film, Matilda, or Natalie Portman’s Senator Padme in the last trilogy of Star Wars. There she can be seen in his childhood.

Written by Minna

May 13th, 2014 at 3:38 pm

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