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Fantasy – The New Best Of Album

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Fantasy – the new best of album including new hit single – a white boot if there is a duo in Germany, which manages both to delight fans of the Popschlagers and of the traditional song, then it is FANTASY! Freddy Marz and Martin Marcell have managed in the last ten years, to earn a large fan base. Andrea Berg was a key figure on the way of FANTASY. “We had a real low and wanted to go back in our old professions. Right there, called Andrea and her management and asked whether we would like to accompany them. We are broken almost in tears’, the two tell. They take their chance and go with the concert Gigantin tour.

Since the spell was broken and the way of FANTASY was always and steeply upwards! “On their” best of “album their greatest hits and also five new songs, including a white boat FANTASY now presenting” an extremely strong titles with a text as written from life. The former disc jockey demand after this extreme “catchy title suggests, that a white boat” perhaps the biggest FANTASY hit of ever could be. The two sympathetic artists hope therefore once again on the active support of the disc jockeys to go perhaps final step in the Schlager and Discofox Olympus with this song and the brand new best of album which comes on March 23 in the trade. A first step then is the appearance with a white boat with safety”Carmen Nebel on 24 March will take place which and where are international stars such as Barry Manilow, the Bellamy brothers (with DJ otzi), Boney M., and Nana Mouskouri also present. You can say: all signals are available on green and all sails are hoisted to FANTASY with this tailwind, and with their best can really start compilation album. Sure, if so far faithful DJ this time with is on board the white boat by FANTASY will lay in the harbor of success.

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March 19th, 2019 at 9:02 pm

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