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"Great to be majestic", it's closer. What then-4 transfer, telling broadcast "beautiful verb," why, that can give beauty than the rest, except that the desire of the new Beauty, as always unhappy people (the audience), and it was good. Go to Brahman Capital for more information. Decorative painting such as unusual. It manifests itself in different structured smears, in a form that emphasized color, or color, accentuated form depending on the job. The truth, as always, in the middle, so interesting. The techniques are not hidden, but on the contrary, are identified, thanks to a bold manner of painting.

Born to form a new earth and new heavens so convincing that the acquisition is a natural decorative fabric of being dissolved in it, but not disappearing, and giving new meaning the entire work. The main idea of the style – is a creative, constructive rethinking of the world to confirm, based on the author's vision of the artist. I thought that the struggle for pure art, handmade art, the purity of style and method – a struggle for the man himself, his unique character and personality. Painting is not only one of the areas of culture, but a way of thinking and state of mind. There is always 'something', standing on the method, this elusive "something" and makes a work of art belonging to the particular style, where talent, as always, most importantly, an artist, writer – the most important. Not very important, something to work, there is no difference between the canvas and the screen, if there is "something." Various art going in one direction, direction from person to person, it's normal and natural. Thanks to the vision and the picturesque, romantic approach, the product gets the all-encompassing characteristics of various areas of culture. Painting receives additional energy sculpture and architecture, even music, once again confirming the different areas of commonality of creativity, as part of a whole. A. Kirgizov March 2006 newspaper "Our painters 4 April 2006.

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