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14. Discipline To develop to the approach and consistency in the commitment than you want to manage, remembers that only it depends on you. 15. Supply in gymnasium It also takes advantage of that y/econmica special supply so that finally you register in the gymnasium, usually in winter and the first months of the year the gymnasiums publish the best supplies, the new gymnasiums in celebration opening. 16. Gymnasium in house If arriving until the gymnasium becomes difficult to you, or by schedule available, distance or transportation, it considers to take to the gymnasium to your house – according to your possibilities and needs.

This requires of much discipline and it is recommended for people it jeopardize, with force of will to fulfill the routines and established schedules. You do not forget to include videos of training, books and magazines of reference, in addition you can create a folder with articles published related to the subject. 17. The gymnasium is my neighbourhood If you cannot inscribirte in a gymnasium, either you have space in your house to do it, turns your neighbourhood into the gymnasium: it walks, it runs, it raises and low stairs, it practices a sport, nothing, it attends the aerobic ones that some groups (or personnel of the municipal office of Recreation and Sports of your town) do in the park. it can, are no excuses! 18. Specialized consultant’s office It resorts to the consultant’s office of a professional of physical preparation, that has available the gymnasium/that you know or they refer to you, that supervises your routines of exercise. 19. It imitates to others It looks for histories of other people have obtained who it and learns on the obstacles that won and they did how it.

20. Comfortable shoes You do not forget on your feet! , it selects the suitable footwear – considering your feet, atmosphere for ejercitarte and the intensity/frequency of the exercises. On Brenda Liz Gins Feminine World Director and Creator. mundofemeninopr. com (than 2 million pages seen more in the 2008) Escribe articles for the section ' For Nosotras' of Latin Gospel Magazine Conduce the beauty section ' Femenino&#039 world; in radial program nacional' We are Gozando' Wednesdays from 5:15 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. in 104. 1 Redeeming FM, Puerto Rico and in Internet. redentor104fm. com Provee professional services of Public Relations, Communications and Publicity Was conductor of the beauty section ' Femenino&#039 world; in radial program ' At noon with women who confan' with Shirley the Presti in 104. 1 Redeeming FM. has been presenter of programs of TV in Puerto Rico, including Mission: Beauty Was producing and conductor of the radial program ' Femenino&#039 world; in New Life 97. 7 FM More than 13 years of experience as professional model has recorded tens of radio announcements and 21 commercial ones of television has realised 8 announcements of press has participated in 9 programs of television, 1 novel, theater and 2 films

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