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Many users are obliged to use the terminals due to another option of transport, and this finishes if reflecting in proper the daily one of these individuals, that finish incorporating the use of these spaces in its daily routines, creating an identity with them. This daily one is if becoming so evident the point of the Municipal City hall of $fortaleza to come attributing to the new terminals uses, as for example, the use of these spaces as vaccination ranks, places for cultural expositions and recreation. Moreover, the terminals possess a gamma of services that deprive of characteristics its original function that is to facilitate the flow of bus passengers, converging it and redistributing it for the city, that is, if before it was thought as a place of embarkment and landing, today the user can remain in the terminal and usufruct the services found in its interior, as electronic boxes, lottery, store of varieties and pharmacies. We can perceive that, to the few, the users are learning to use the terminals completely. In this context, so that let us can understand the bus terminals as appropriate space for its users is important the analysis of the effect that these places come provoking in the routine of the individuals have access that them, that is, in the way as the terminals they are perceived by the user, its relation with the use of the available services and the question of the identity. To verify daily of these considered spaces ' ' pblicos' ' it not only makes possible the recognition of peculiar local characteristics of the architectural and point of view structural, but also mannering, and to tie these vises is of basic importance for Geography. To study the terminals by itself, disdaining the convivncia relations that the users acquire with these spaces, is, at least, to have a vision limited and simplista of the geographic point of view.

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December 2nd, 2012 at 10:35 pm

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