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things that the life teaches! it today wanted only today, it speaks but at the same time of me this world of waves silences pra and of sun, this turbulent, competitive, relative rotating, magnificent universe, inesplicavel, but in the end this real world, where people does not want enchega it, people is passing without feelings, the greater to be that it can still improve this universe to be envermo or of in such a way it says cansol and if was silent for many people and alone the people wise people can still hear a word of this feeling that is the LOVE, that with this feeling we only can join and still make some thing, but that penalty that you have them to few, that few believe and few they feel them Wanted that at least vc it felt this feeling for of a true form as of its life, therefore never feeling vc anger to want to feel something different the feeling it Love in compreta, it values in them and filling them. today I speak that already sentie and I speak that to sentiz it only me left good of spirit of soul, with is good to be able to love and to be loved, as is good to be able to have somebody to hear and for to hear it, as it is good for having somebody that say are here, and this somebody goes to love to it and vc go forever love it nor that this always if summarizes at a moment, a word, a song, an advice The love of God is thus, it filling in them for compreto, it makes in them chagamos the full happiness and still in the hours difficult it speaks I am ak, but God tbm to place its guardies I wait that with these words it can pass something of good and that vc descusbra the love inside of vc, and when to discover me speaks, as is good the sensation of Love, either the love who will be, Love of God, Love of mother and father, Love of Being Mother or Father, familiar love, love with a friend, or conjugal Love, but I am certain that vc go to deliver itself and it does not go more to queirer to leave to love and vc goes there to love the life!.

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January 23rd, 2013 at 2:39 pm

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