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As it would be the world without my presence *Simone Teixeira Casks Summary: This text was written the order of the professor Victor Hugo of disciplines Onrica Ecology, of the Furg in November of 2010. The days not yet are defined between colds and hot, exactly thus I needed to lean over my devaneantes ideas on as it would be the world without me. I confess is not a calm exercise nor so little simple but in the text I leave clearly that without my presence the world would be less I because I would not have in it my memories and my life! It wanted to imagine and recompor the world without my physical presence, without my pains, my happy dreams as the professor would say Victor Hugo Guimares, but I do not obtain to leave the place where I am, I do not obtain to be invisible and indizvel (Mafessoli), I try per some minutes to enter in solitude or would be poeticalally solitude, to see the world far from me but she is a stranger sensation of not existence makes who me to think how much empty I without the world in me would be and I in the world. Estranhamento or vacant sensation of onipotncia that the world to be more world would need me? they are devaneios necessary to understand how much we are fragile front the existence. It wanted recompor me of images not gifts in me but I do not obtain to make this because my dreams make with that I feel my proper presence, fugaz, fast, even so fast, among the flowers, the sun, the moon, the life, therefore, I exist in the world. I think per some minutes, without my presence the world I would be a habitat less. what he could mean this? a world without same me? I come back my thought to the divagaes that sharpen my directions of humanity and think that it would be as to lose my house yes it is as to leave my house for a long or perpetual time not to come back more to the house.

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January 30th, 2013 at 12:09 pm

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