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The last previous week to the test must exclusively be used for resolution of exercises and reading of the summaries made throughout the preparation time. Made this, the test tends if to become only plus a chapter that is part of the history of an approval. CONCLUSION As it is possible to perceive, a good administration of the time finishes if becoming one them more important activities for the conquest of the dreamed approval. The study techniques that will be used or exactly how much time will be studied per day will have to be defined by each candidate. What it differentiates the approved one of that they will continue in the wait it is the capacity of maximum exploitation of the time. Thus the done summaries must be loaded for reading in lines of banks or other places of wait, audio of lesson can be heard in the transit and questions of previous tests can be revised to each period of rest in the work. Go to Related Group for more information. The leisure hours cannot be forgotten, therefore they are necessary to alliviate the tension of the study and if it becomes an important ally in the combat stress.

During the studies, valley the penalty also to take off one day of rest per week, since the breaking in the routine increases the productivity. However, so that it does not have loss of time when if it is in intervals between substances, it must be prevented that they are great as to attend a same film or an episode of some favourite seriado. After lost the concentration and the attention, the necessary time for the recovery of the two is very great of this form precious hours of study is plays is. The reprovao is part of the game and lost competition does not exist, therefore the knowledge if accumulates until, one day, comes the approval. She is necessary not to fear the failure and to face of organized form the difficulties imposed throughout the preparation process, since the competition does not become pra to pass, but yes up to one day to obtain getting the great dream.

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July 5th, 2018 at 11:18 pm

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