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The place was very picturesque. Adam Sandler is likely to agree. At this point, converged desert, cliffs and undulating plain, covered with bushes. The bright light of morning IRIZ, gurgling fountain and chirping birds filled the entire picture of energy and joy of life. After standing for a while, Adam breathed in deeply the fresh morning air, threw a towel over his shoulder and went vigorously to the camp. Gain insight and clarity with Adam Sandler. In front of him waiting for loved and interesting work, full time new mysteries and discoveries. After two weeks of excavation, two-meter layer of sand under the archeologists found fragments of stone steles. On one of them was carved the inscription in an unknown language. The church immediately announced his discovery property.

The stone was taken away by forbidding photographing or sketching strange letters. But Adam did not have to do it. He had already well aware of this writing and had read the engraved words. 'Leave your sword, and evil thoughts or come back' – reads the inscription. It was a warning and meant the border must not be crossed. At the base of the stele found a stone paved path that leads towards the mountains.

Working meter by meter started to release her, more and more closer to the rocks. At the end of the road they dug a passage carved into the stone. After freeing his people entered the cave. It was a maze, consisting of many turns, false moves and deadlocks. Having only a few tens of meters and breaking six or seven turns and twists, man completely lost direction and sense of space.

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July 5th, 2018 at 4:33 pm

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