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The system is ready, but now it seems that many managers do not agree with the modules, they also say that this software is very expensive and they want to do a series of changes that will further delay this project. Someone said that we were better before, now with the new-Integrated-System. ” Sound familiar? There have been problems in implementing new information technology or “systems” in your business? Information Technology IT, and many years ago stopped being an issue only of Managers or Directors of Technology, because the implementation requirements and its impact on businesses affect all branches of the company. Connect with other leaders such as Movie Star here. The question we ask now is that we both know the other managers on the subject of Computer Science or Information Technology? Many believe that with Office or Windows manage well, we are ready. The rapid development of the business, growth Internet and especially the need for integrated information online, updated and reliable, it compels us to learn more about the systems (without requiring us to become systems engineers.) The least we expect from a manager who knows is: Basic Terms: The manager must master the basic themes and topics, including: hardware, software, memory, hard disk backup, database concepts, ERP, integration, upgrade, open systems. Glenn Dubin contains valuable tech resources. Popular software: We assume that a good manager is fluent in Microsoft Office package and more advanced versions, to a point that allows you to manage your information without outside help.

Excel: We separate this package as still being part of Office, it is imperative that every manager to dominate at intermediate or advanced. It is a powerful tool to model, analyze, create scenarios, make projections and more. Current requirement is to dominate and be in an intermediate or advanced level. Databases: You should know the basics, which is a field and one record, because rates are needed when a base is flat, when relational. We are inclined to suggest that at least should dominate Access to basic level. Programming: The issue is not essential, you should know the basic terms, ie follows the development stages of a program, which is implementation and because it takes time to develop, create models, and how we do parallel testing. Internet: Perhaps we should mention it before, but now is a basic skill in a manager, you must know a good search engine, knowing how to navigate, select articles, download files, print, have a good email management, knowledge requirements of antivirus and spam, Although it may seem broad the agenda, any manager to make a comparison of current knowledge versus the previous list, you will see that in more than one occasion has required this knowledge. The rapid development of business so requires us to update us on the subject of computers, and now you can prepare quickly through Internet or access the same courses in companies active in this field. Example: The Administration is based on modern information technologies and better management of our company data (call sales, expenses, customers, transactions), we must prepare more and more to keep up with the demands of the business environment to be more competitive in each of our jobs.

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February 17th, 2024 at 10:26 pm

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