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Capriciously excluded, like many others, the so-called generation of ’27. Antonio Espina, according to Juan Ramon Jimenez, “great, but unconscionable, ironically, left alone, asylum, satirical.” Freelance writer, relates, by its very independence, with authors such as Juan Jose Mauricio Bacarisse Domenchina, near ultraismo times, creationism and surrealism, not adhere fully to none of these schools. Espina’s poems are written with playful lightness and grace, next to the displayed by Jose Moreno Villa and Ramon Gomez de la Serna, who was joined by many bonds of affinity. Get more background information with materials from Tony Parker. The art of Espina passes the lines of his signatory and Thresholds, the prose of his Bird Pinto, Drinking Moon, Luis Candelas, the villain of Madrid, Rome, comedian, Ganivet: the man and the work, among other books . In 1935 he was prosecuted for publishing in El Liberal of Bilbao, “Hitler’s case.” An advocate of the writer’s involvement in politics, Antonio Espina’s party campaigned in Azana, “the Republican Left.” He was civil governor of Avila and later the Balearic Islands, and in early 1936. After the war he was sentenced to death, but then the sentence was commuted. Thus began a painful, silent war, ending an exile in Mexico with.

Help literary magazines in the Spanish exile: Reality / Journal of ideas, the Spain, the sixties, Parade, Community Iberian Novel Spanish. In the constituent meeting of Spanish University of Mexico was named secretary of the section of literature. Returning to Spain, in 1960, is facing a particular internal exile, with some contributions on ABC, who signed with the pseudonym of “Simon de Atocha” and in the pages of the Revista de Occidente, in his second season. In recent years reissued The soul Garibay (1964) and The comic genius and Other Essays (1965), both in Chile and collection, both old articles and poems. He published a history of the Spanish press the fourth power, full of tasty ideas and full of political intent. Solitary, he looked at some soiree Lion Coffee and sometimes in the company of Francisco Ayala and Jose Bergamin. Antonio Espina died in Madrid on February 12, 1972.

Antonio Espina’s verse admired and amazed by the reality of his living presence. Espina, debug, gird-looking objects images of his thought, pressing her finely to reduce it to outline the term strict accurate, fair. It was said that the verse rhythm Antonio Espina had chotis: and added “by Marichalar-de” chotis up a brick. ” Antonio Espina has the great fortune to be great, genuine, spontaneous, immediate. And then: writing, writing for writing: the literary art. Besides having talent. Espina’s literary talent is to miss all the spontaneous genius of poetic invention in prose and verse, which gives the art of Thorn that flavor of authenticity, pure poetry. Espina’s literary art is a very thin skin. The artist is inhibited, escapes, vanishes, so that art and only art, his art is. Because, as our poet famously said: “He who loves paradox, it stays.” Francisco Arias Solis The first condition for peace is the will to achieve it. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.

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