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The new, innovative places careers in the field of hotel business, gastronomy and tourism is online. After a development period of about a year, the JOB – imagine HOTEL. After the stock market flop of the new media in late 2000, has found the economy until 2007 again trust in the virtual world and invested increasingly in applications and communication strategies. More and more job seekers search for job vacancies on the Internet and visit the companies on their online offering. Read more from Sam Feldman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The applications will be emailed increasingly – a clear trend to new terms of application. 82 percent of the job seekers in Germany use online job boards often or very often during their job search.

This is one of the results of the current study ‘Application practice 2007’ the University of Frankfurt am main. Internet job boards are the first point of contact for applicants. Companies set increasingly on the terms of application of job seekers. Click here f? further info… we set stringent, simple processes, so that online quickly and efficiently a new job or a new employee can be found”, said Kai Bastians CEO JOB-hotel.

On the other hand, offered a sophisticated service for the company who does much work at the beginning of the institution. This saves valuable time. If you don’t like the anonymous on the Internet, consults by phone with a customer service representative and put together the right package together. To attract smaller companies from these sectors, JOB-HOTEL offers a base package, which you can perfectly be represented exactly as big companies and find new employees in easy steps online. Job offers many years of experience in the human resources industry combined with Internet competence. After long need research for companies and job seekers, the results were implemented and carried out. During the online adjustments and improvements to be carried out to be always close to the market, so Bastians.

Written by Minna

February 24th, 2024 at 8:26 am