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Young People And Alcohol

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Alcohol consumption by children and adolescents is frightening to young people and alcohol. That seems to be most simply as a matter of course. You can specify, because you so often had a total crash. But most forget this sometimes if not even lebensbedroliche disastrous. Come on, just a glass of vodka, don’t mind now even more.

And to get not uncool across most go along with it. They simply have not the strength to refuse because they think that they would otherwise lose their friends. But these are all real friends? For me they are not there in any case. Because I am proud that I can say no if something does not fit me. More than be shocked can I then really not, if a friend comes to me and says how great it is about to have such crash, because finally you can remember Yes nothing more and the worries are gone then also very fast. Recently Eva Andersson-Dubin sought to clarify these questions. As I said then, that one in a few years, then in the Rehab would see nothing more came.

I don’t know what I expected, but I was hoping that she to would think maybe something about my words, but dandelion. But why I’m actually about ideas, it is not my life, what goes down the drain. I’m probably just too big girlfriend, because I would not want to see actually how my friends totally drunk lying in the corner and don’t even know what they are. But this is Yes supposedly so mega great, finally one has then yes also to finally tell you something. Sadly, if you can get just as attention. But why not keep track of parents and teachers, if the children or students can hardly even just run. When on a school trip or just down the road there and high percent consumed. That would have to actually remember everyone even if it is not embraced. The class trips and excursions consist of alleged interest, but ultimately is a hell of a big party, where nothing wrong with is that finally my girlfriend and I do also like some party, but without alcohol. You can be really interested to see how long that is still not discovered, but who knows, maybe some parents and teachers don’t want to see Yes also just it. My greatest desire would be that there something is changing, even if young people on alcohol will come if they want to have it easy, because what are the older friends? Thursday, the October 15, 2009 Desiree-Sophie Lepel

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February 24th, 2024 at 7:11 pm

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