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Learning Factors Important

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E-learning, education online, remote education, learning through the Web, are the names that are used to define the nonactual formation using a computer with a connection to the Internet. As much the demand as the supply of these courses has increased vertiginously in the last years. And it is not to surprise! Besides being a less expensive option of learning, also they are preferred by its hour flexibility and the absence of displacements, which allows the students to arrange them with its personal life. E-learning also offers unquestionable advantages in the manager qualification, technicians and workers in different matters, for public and deprived organizations and organizations of different sectors. Nevertheless, everything is not color of roses when choosing a formation course at a distance. There are several factors important to consider before register in a course of e-learning: 1.

To be conscious of the power of an independent study. Due to its nonactual methodology, e-learning requires that the person has sufficient self-discipline to take the course upon maturity successfully. The good thing is that a disciplined person can obtain much more studying in independent form that in an actual context. The student who knows to study in independent form manages to focus with passion in a subject and can as much reach extraordinary levels of yield in the amount of knowledge assimilated like in his quality. 2.

The accessibility to the tutor or mentor of the course: A course of e-learning must offer some modality of contact with a tutor. It is important that this one support is not cold and distant, since many people leave e-learning for want of motivation and of support. The work of supervision, stimulus and guides realised by the tutor is fundamental and must go beyond an occasional email. Before register in a course of e-learning, it verifies that their contact with the tutor expeditious and is abierto, or in the form of an interactive forum or of personal post office. 3. Methodology of education Lamentably many courses of formation online use methodologies that almost exclusively are based on the passive followed document reading of car tests evaluation to verify the retention than have read. This one modality is of very under yield. It is known that the mere reading of a document does not produce a deep learning nor of high retention. In addition, an extensive text, by very good that it is his content, is not able to maintain the interest of the student by itself and is little attractive. Before register in a course of e-learning, it verifies that the methodology of delivery of the information is of vanguard. With the technology that is available nowadays, webinars or video can be done conferences of excellent quality, in which a Power Point can be used or be done direct demonstrations from the screen of the exhibitor. This one methodology is very attractive, since, besides containing visual components and of audio, it allows an immediate interaction with the tutor. This way the programs of remote formation are resembled a course more and more actual, maintaining the advantages of flexibility and low cost that are own of e-learning.

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March 18th, 2016 at 5:34 am

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