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Paraguayan Guarani

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Of all ways, hardly we would find a Professor of Castilian that Castilian Paraguayan taught to that called silly thing. However, the Paraguayan Guarani if we could teach, total is the Guarani just lo. The exposed thing, it is come off that always there was in the MEC a tendency to weaken and to corrupt to the Guarani, in order to make it unpresentable to the social interests. In fact that does not exist so mentioned Paraguayan Guarani, as the Castilian Paraguayan does not exist either. We mix languages both (jehe to called evil jopara), because we did not learn them or (or better, because they did not teach to us or).

In the case of the Guarani the question is pathetic, because just it was gotten up to the education in 1994. In addition, we must emphasize that the Guarani is a perfect language; it finds out, in spite of the repressions that suffered; with an extraordinary culture that is pronounced through him. The Guarani is not that grotesque, perverse, insipid and irregular thing deformed, that today the MEC tries to sell to us. On the other hand, we must agree that jehe to of the Guarani and the Castilian, is not another thing that the faithful demonstration of our intellectual laziness and our social conformism. And the MEC is the direct person in charge of this phenomenon, because it did not do and it does not make the things well. At heart, the attempt – today to accept jehe to in the education is not another thing that the glad acceptance of our linguistic and intellectual mediocrity. Jehe a (badly called jopara) is the stupid pretext of our impotence and our uselessness. It is enough! , please, to blame to the Guarani of all our failures; and coverall, is enough already! to put as it excuses for the new proposal of bilingual education to so mentioned the pragmatic one; instead of to animate to us definitively to make well the things in our country, so needed ideas and coherent actions and not of that class mamotreto vyrorei baptized pomposamente like new proposal for the bilingual education (2004) that is not another thing that more of the same.

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March 23rd, 2016 at 3:26 am

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