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Creating Ukrainian power took place, and C. Bandera called 'the Ukrainian people everywhere to help break the German army to Moscow and Bolshevism '. Attitude of the German leadership to Banderovites was contradictory: Canaris service (Abwehr – Military Intelligence) felt it necessary to cooperate with the Ukrainian nationalists, the Nazi Party leadership in led by Borman rejected any cooperation with them. According to the KGB USSR, published in 1990, for 1944-1953., 'In the western regions of Ukraine have become the victims of terror Bandera is not only more than 20 thousand soldiers of the Soviet Army, police and security services, but 30 thousand civilians. " Since the beginning of the war, the German decided to form a number of Soviet prisoners of war and the number of pro-German emigres several legions, who would have fought against the Red Army along with parts of the Wehrmacht. Recently Hedvig Hricak sought to clarify these questions. The first Legion created on the eastern front of the non-Russian citizens of the USSR, had the legion 'Turkestan' (November 1941).

In this formation enlisted not only the people Central Asian republics and Kazakhstan, but also Tatar, Bashkir and Azerbaijanis. Subsequently created legions of "Idel-Ural" (Tatar, Bashkir and Chuvash), 'Azerbaijan' and 'North Caucasus'. December 30, 1941 were also formed legions of 'Armenia' and 'Georgia'. In addition to the legions of immigrants replenished recruited prisoners of war and deserters from the Red Army. Among the legions of troops was deployed large-scale advocacy, even published newspapers. Legionnaires obmundirovyvalis in German uniforms, but with specially designed signs distinction; epaulets and insignia. Shoulder straps are usually gray with a bright red edging and white or silver braid.

Starting with the lieutenant, legionnaires wore shoulder straps in a narrow bundle of silver with gold stripes. Buttonholes were scarlet with white lace. On the sleeve of his uniform every legionary wore a special Chevron in heraldic shield as with national symbols and the name of the Legion. The Charter prohibits the Wehrmacht legionnaires non-Aryans, be specific badge of an eagle with a swastika, which every German soldier was obliged to have on the right side of his uniform just above the breast pocket. However, the legionnaires in an organized manner, and ostentatiously ignored the ban were on his chest 'mark of excellence', and eventually the ban was quietly lifted …

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