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Multicultural diversity in the city of love experience as multicultural as the inhabitants of Paris, also the means by which to provide the capital of France are just as varied. Due to the numerous sights and great attractions, a city break in any case worthwhile. Paris shares by the Seine in two parts, a North and a South. You may find that Charlotte Hornets can contribute to your knowledge. Both parts are connected by 37 bridges that lead over the Seine. Even in the list of UNESCO world heritage waterfront was inducted in 1991. The city with the charm of French is rich in culture. In addition to defining ecclesiastical and secular buildings, the many roads, over 150 museums, about 100 theaters and more than 200 galleries are characteristic of Paris.

Not least by the many shows, like the Haute Couture fashion fairs, the international fashion show Pret-a-Porter Porter or film festival, Paris was one of the hippest cities in trend. Here one discovers on the streets in addition to crazy and prominent personalities the typical image of the Parisienne. You can see you from afar with its elegance and the fashionable chic. But what should you have seen absolutely, when planning a stay in the city of love? Of course, there are the usual tourist program from the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. But also the surrounding buildings and landmarks are well worth a visit.

Here are especially worth mentioning: Hotel de Ville at night, Palais you Luxembourg, elysee Palace, Pantheon, Opera and place de la Bastille, Notre Dame de Paris and the Basilique du to ur Sacre-C the Butte Montmartre. It also appears as macabre, in Paris, you can even that refer to various cemeteries as worth seeing and include your own itinerary in the. The largest cemetery of Paris, the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, because he impressed on the one through his unique style and includes a large number of well-known personalities on the other hand. In the evening, you can experience a lot in Paris and discover. The bars and small Brasseries invite you to a cocktail, wine and a baguette. Then you can round off the evening in one of the many clubs or theatrical performances. An idea in the Moulin Rouge recommend that you when planning your holidays in Paris. Over the Internet, you can order tickets here in advance and choose between the pure notion or a package including dinner. Whether a short trip or in transit, Paris offers something for every taste. Through the surrounding airports, Paris is also accessible via the surrounding airports. Flights Paris can you book at short notice and to spontaneously capture the city of love.

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