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Naked Dictatorship

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The naked dictatorship Teodulo Lopez Melendez dictatorships are naked worlds. Let you see everything that should not be seen, not by his will, but by an idiosyncrasy. Dictatorships plotted boundaries and he is watched carefully what we all do. We can say that the psychology of dictatorship is not the nudity. Dictatorship is a world of borders, especially civilians, linguistic and mental. Dictatorships seek to graft in persons a dependency on dictatorial acts, one that is reflected in a paradoxical transparency: in the dictatorship we can look with more clarity in government actions and the behavior of the societies that suffer from them.

You can argue that there is an expression that allows us to know the intricacies of power, which is true in a regime of freedoms to some extent, but the dictatorship allows us to redirect the gaze towards the social body with much greater clarity. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jorge Perez. The dictatorship seeks the reductio ad absurdum which clarifies the gaze inwards. In a democracy there is demagoguery, lies, alterations, hypocrisy, but the exercise of freedom becomes a cloak that makes us look in the mirror. The dictatorship specializes in large theatrical productions derived from nationalism and patriotism, all wrapped in a large production of intimidation. This entails the rapid recognition of psychological deficiencies and social distortions. Democracy is supported in best grade everyday life. During the dictatorship he lives under the hope that at some point will come out of the nightmare. In democracy the people not interested understand, apathy is your standard, the public interest fades in dictatorship means little, or seeks to not understand.

The country passed to become a place where you have to be, if you don’t have the economic strength to emigration. Democracy is the apoltronamiento that will come new elections and another will come.

Written by Minna

December 1st, 2018 at 2:42 pm

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