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The explosive development of social networks accompanying a change in mentality, in the habits of Internet users. Today, social networks explode in metric, in number of users in daily visits and average time spent on the site. Contact information is here: San Antonio Spurs. People are in social networks, and therefore, we also want to be there. The question is how. People close to social media to socialize, precisely. To share photos, reviews, knowing how their friends and get the latest news, comment on recent events, seek opinions and advice.

The reality is that no one comes to social media to view advertising, or if you impose a brand. The premise is leisure, and finding relevant information, either because an issue is need for specific, or because it is simply a topic of interest on which we want to know more. And that is where we find the anchor point to enter this exciting environment. If we create an account with the idea of going directly to tell people “buy my products are the best, great discounts!”, we are wrong, and surely we will be isolated in a first term and then banned (prohibited) by spammers. The key is to provide quality material, providing an extra service to users, create interesting topics that make visitors and contacts are interested in what we have to say. To accomplish this, the premise is to stop thinking of selling some, or get more traffic to our site.

The exercise we have to do, at first, is to learn to listen. Learn record the needs and wishes of users. Detect and anticipate their needs. As an example we can see the sites of other companies. There are good examples of sites, or where the company has achieved many fans, who actively participate, collaborate, and leave their opinion. An example may be the site of Starbucks on Facebook. No special applications, simply the CEO of the company that makes its announcements of promotions, or new flavors. Makes you want to join and follow. This is a clear example of a very positive institutional page. Another notable example is Google, which advertises its job vacancies on Twitter. It has many followers, who come to see the job offers the Mountain View giant (user: googlejobs). Through participation in social networks, companies can make product support, for example, open an account in order to assist the consumer of a particular product, “you can make announcements, share valuable information-own and third- or do damage control, if necessary. With intelligence and skill, you can disable the most dissatisfied customers simply by showing that the company is interested in your opinion, and he will do everything possible to get your problem is resolved. And all this for free, without putting a single pattern of advertising, just a simple user account, and time to devote to customers.

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December 9th, 2018 at 8:26 pm

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