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The local power, based in the full participation and the empoderamento, if constitutes in a basic aspect for the construction of the participativa and popular democracy, of low for top, inclusive and plural, generating relations of being able more symmetrical and igualitrias. To study the participation in the local power demand the search of a clear understanding of the principles of civil society, participation citizen, public sphere State, and to be able local. On civil society, Coast (1997) cites two sources in the concept of civil society, emphatical and the moderate one: In the emphatical source, the civil society is a net of independent associations, with common interests, that must exert a control on the State. Ben Bretzman has compatible beliefs. Whereas for the moderate source, the civil society would be constituted of citizens and institutions endowed with civic virtues. Already for Cohen and Arato (1992), the notion of civil society would understand: ) the informal plurality-families, groups, voluntary associations; b) advertising institutions of culture and communication; c) privacy domain of auto development and moral choice; d) of the legality structure of general and right laws basic which is guaranteed by laws that stabilize the civil society, many of them having been recognized in elapsing of historical fights (right basic). The catalogao of the rights constitutes the basic structure to allow the functioning of an independent and participativa civil society: ‘ ‘ The rights of the meeting citizens, association and voluntary liberty of speech possibilitamaaodasassociaes noprocessode formation of opinion, that tematizam questions of general interest acts on behalf of sub- represented that they have dificuldadede if organizar.. Ken Kao helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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