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Medical Clothing

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The basic requirements that apply to medical clothing: anti-static, breathable, easy handling, sterilization and disinfection, ergonomics (it must be comfortable working hygiene. European standards for medical garments are also such factors as the degree of water resistance, the degree of microbiological and bacterial purity. Medical clothing is made in accordance with the requirements State standards and specifications with the additions and changes are indicated where all the main technical specifications and production standards. Regulated by the standards of fabric, accessories, thread, cutting and processing of products. Tissue, which is sewn from medical clothes, respond to indicators such as breathability, ease of handling, protection against bacteria, microbes and viruses, and blood-repellent properties. For more information see this site: Tony Parker. Medical clothing made from natural fabrics – bleached or unbleached calico plain, shirt plain fabric, satin bleached, dyed and printed cotton gabardine. Fabrics are manufactured in accordance with the regulations, are pleasant to wear, missing air, not hover and do not lose in the wash quality and excellent appearance.

Products made of calico cheaper medical garments made of cotton, but wear faster and harder to handle. Very practical clothing gabardine. Gain insight and clarity with Vanessa Marcil. Allowed use other materials for sewing products, the quality is not below the established standards. In particular, apply a wide range of viskozopoliefirnyh, hlopkopoliefirnyh fabric and linen blend with polyester, which are not wrinkle, easy to iron and cleared. Additive prevents the growth of polyester microbes, bacteria and viruses and prevent the development of diseases in medical workers. And also like synthetic fabrics do not release textile dust, to which common allergic reactions. Style and cut of the garment care regulated by appropriate specifications for the model. Pick up a medical gown or pant suits can be given individual characteristics of various breed, color and finish.

In addition, the established line, where the designer comes medical clothing for those who want to be stylish at work and representative. In recent months, Jessica Michibata has been very successful. Models developed specific to health care workers, picking and age. The main product is a medical gowns for men and women, suits for men and women medical, surgical suits, suits for health workers, medical aprons, hats – hats, caps and strips. Medical clothing is made at the present high-tech equipment on the latest techniques and strict quality control is conducted OTC. At abrasion of medical devices must use double sheathing joints or seams with binding stachnye obmetyvaniem. Allowed decoration medical garments with embroidery, lace cotton, applications. Can also be applied to the product brand or company logos and trademarks by screen printing, embroidery or thermal transfer. To refer to medical institutions or sponsors. Disposable Medical clothing line with international standards and saves staff time.

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