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All the norms involve that it in its particularitities must be rigorously followed. The requisite quality also influences, next to other factors, the cycle of life of the Product for Kotler 1994: ' ' the profits oscillate throughout the different periods of training and the necessary company to use, different strategies in terms of Marketing, to finance, production, purchases and staff in the different periods of training of the cycle of life of produto' '. The cycle of life of the product is characterized first by its creation. The introduction in the market is chronological followed, demanding propagandas for its insertion. A time in the market, the product tends to grow, to generate sales and profits for the company. Consequently its maturation occurs and decline, the factor time is the main agent to define the stay of market of the product.

It is concluded that the management of Marketing must bring in its sketch, focal strategies that it provides to develop the products with effectiveness, guaranteeing sales generating prescriptions and leading the company route to sucesso.2.5? INTERMODAIS.Define as logistic of the distribution, the relations of triad: Company, customer and consumer added the internal relations with: Marketing, Sales Production, Financier and all the areas of support of an organization. The performance of the logistic one of distribution is based in the responsibility of the physical distribution of the products ties the sales points, assuring that the order is delivers with pontualidade, precision and concrete, objectifying the improvement continues of services to the customer, as costs and speed. For the distribution strategies, you vary characteristics are presented, aiming at to take care of the demand, such as:? Paletizada: system for which the load covers the canals of distribution in pallets, without the intermediate manuscript necessity.? In bulk: the load is loaded unitariamente.? Centered: Distributed for an only point, COMPACT DISC, being able to add accomplishments of operation of assembly, packing and identification.? Decentralized: Carried through with more than an origin or point of stockage, privileging the costs of transports, therefore the destinations will be next, to put demand have controlled of supply in some dispersed points.? Warehouse: Place that receives load from some places and redistributes by means of other vehicles, being that the synchronism reduces the necessity of intermediate supply, to put needs proper fleet.? Cross docking? the distribution trucks are loaded at the same time that it unloads of collection, without supply and with synchronization, facilitating the Just in teams, however it is a project bolder than demand stability in first plan stops later analyzing it.

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