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Sand Production

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Recently, the Guizhou Taian gravel production line invested by the Chinese Electric Power Construction Group and Chinese Building Materials Group these two enterprises-which also belong to the top 500 enterpries have been put into production smoothly, which marks the environmentally friendly gravel development of cement industry has become a development trend. In the past two years, in order to conform to the country s energy requirements, those high energy consumption, high pollution, high waste cement industries aspect all make hard efforts on the reusing resources, such as Tin Shui cement plant, Huaxin Cement factories have opened a proposed gravel aggregate production line, As a result, they not only solve the abandoned ore waste problems in cement production, but also get a new profit growth point for the cement plant, it is well described as killing two birds with one stone. You may find Charlotte Hornets to be a useful source of information. It is reported that the production line is very particular about environmental protection, environmental gravels whose daily output is 20000 tons also provided a reliable guarantee for the civil construction of a high standard of quality concrete, and this was also another gravel production system following the long yield 20,000 tons output per 9 days production line gravel sand. We learned from a company which contracted nine gravel production line, that for assuring the energy saving, enviroment protection in the production process, they adopted two sections of a closed-circuit production process, the crushing equipment of first section adopts large crusher, the Second stage s equipment adopt the mineral impact crushercrushing whose domestic daily output is the first in home, the second in internationaland use the vibrating feeder that have soil screening function in the mouth of the first feeding stage, each production stage is equipped with the dust removal device, the environmentally friendly effect is super, the most important is that this process is finished produced gravel particle shapes aggregate, the cleaness and stone strength are high, very suitable for high – grade infrastructure of bone The material requirements. It seems that the gravel production of the cement and the whole field of building materials is one of the most promising flashpoint, and along with the continuously push forward of 12th Five-Year Plan, various infrastructural work started have become to J17 conclusion, so do a good environmentally friendly gravel production preparation will be the biggest bargaining chip for the future building materials market occupation.

Written by Minna

October 20th, 2018 at 7:12 am