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Anna Nikolaevna Esipova

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Losing this passage and carefully listening to his performance, make a short pause, during which remember how you played and prokritikuyte result. Only by giving ourselves a clear account of what happened in your performance is good and bad, and work on over fixing the good side and shortcomings. Always work with hearing and work critically. " A brilliant virtuoso, Leshetitsky – teacher literally "burned" music in the classroom with really talented students, but turns into a pedantic school-master, if provided to him everyday "greyness". Best pupils T. Leshetitsky inherited and in the future its teaching to evolve the most valuable of pedagogy, the master, namely: the conscious and rational attitude pianist to work on the product in minute detail, careful analysis and auditory control, search techniques, most of all meet the requirement of artistic ideas and self-sufficiency in this search. A striking confirmation of this is the work of the greatest Russian pianist Anna Nikolaevna Esipova (1851-1914).

Since 1893 until his death an Yesipova taught at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, and has created a highly valuable original piano school, nurtured a generation of pianists, dispersed to various cities, not only Russia, but and around the globe. She engaged students and many influential Western European conservatories. "Hand" Esipova were such prominent musicians as Borovsky, Prokofiev, Leonid Kreutzer, Alfred Merovich, Vladimir Drozdov, , Lyalevich, Zeyliger, Kalantarova, , Davydova, Berlin-Shtrimer, Livshits, Meadow, Polotsk-Yelizovo, Ilyin, Romanovsky, , Savelova Bihter. Yesipova had such a significant impact on St. Petersburg piano school that we can talk about the special – Esipovsky – stage of its development.

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October 21st, 2018 at 9:18 pm

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