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Set Of Spare Parts To The Urals ZIP

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For every car plant applies a single SPTA-O, which includes parts Urals, designed to eliminate certain faults during the warranty period, the tool and affiliation. By special order plant supplies the group set of spare parts (ISP-D), one of ten cars. When replacing defective parts of the relevant spare parts spare parts kits guided by the following technical documentation: user guide for 'Car Ural-4320-10 Ural-4320-31 and their modifications'; repair manual' second-hand trucks Ural-4320 and its modifications "; guidance on capital car repair Ural-4320, Ural-4420, Ural-44201 (without engines), Parts 1, 2, 3. The warranty period of conservation kits spares for three years if stored indoors. The factory is constantly working to improve the car, therefore, the nomenclature of spare parts kits 3141 I. may vary. The exact nomenclature of spare parts specified in the shipping documents, applied to each car. To products mounted on the chassis vehicle operational layout of tools and accessories makes the enterprise-manufacturer of the product. When operating the vehicle layout tools and accessories, including tow-rope can at the discretion of the driver.

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March 30th, 2015 at 4:03 pm

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