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Interior Ceilings In Your Apartment

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Stretch ceilings – a perfect solution for interior design of apartments, offices, houses, hospitals and even industrial premises. Appeared about 50 years ago in Europe, they have become widely used and produced in our country. Stretch ceilings significantly improve the interior of any home. If you want your apartment look respectable and sophisticated, use these modern technologies and the result exceed all your expectations! In addition to performing a purely utilitarian function of concealing technical communications, art suspended ceiling may well cope with the task of full conversion of internal space of the room. Using multi-level suspended ceilings with halogen and neon can visually enlarge a room, give the interior a unique flavor, to achieve interesting lighting effects. A variety of styles, colors and types of material varies from each individual ceiling, the variety of choice ensures that you can choose exactly what you want each individual home or apartment. Species stretch ceiling – a huge set, which one to choose depends on you.

But choosing what is best for ceilings of your apartment, you should take into account the peculiarities of each kind of suspended ceilings. Glossy stretch ceiling distinguished by their stunning decorative abilities, by which is widely used by many designers to create unique interiors. The glossy surface of the film visually increases the height ceiling and expands the space of the room. Thanks to its reflective abilities glossy stretch ceiling able to make the room bright and airy. Despite all the advantages of these ceilings, there is one “But,” glossy ceiling can not be used plohootaplivaemyh rooms where the temperature is below -5 degrees.

Written by Minna

March 30th, 2015 at 3:57 am