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The Interior In The Style Of Fusion

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The word fusion in the translation from English oznachaet’splav ‘. Literally – ‘having no boundaries, “and involves a mixture of different stiley.V an interior fashion he came out of cooking, when chefs began to mix Ingredients and additives characteristics previously only for one of the nation’s kitchens, creating new tastes and new and unexpected dishes. And the first “fusion” music was called 70, in which funk mixed with the soulful jazz and powerful rhythms of rock. The interior in the style of “fusion” can not be copied, because the style does not involve copies. Relationship between objects, in contrast to eclecticism, are stored only on the mental level, on the basis of: like-dislike, but it is always individually. There are many “decorations”: fabrics, different textures and colors. Fusion – a combination of incompatible: the Viennese chairs, lamps by Philippe Starck, the bathroom in the high-tech style, and Empire style doors.

All this eclecticism is called “Fusion”. This style now in vogue, because in our world outside of space and the rules are much more difficult to observe the unity of style in design, than to put on the table legged French African ceramic vase brought from travel. And the eye is pleased, and the justification is: Fusion. Fusion is designed for the person. To deepen your understanding Related Group is the source. It shows the character of the owner and his preferences. Fusion is not brushed past traditions and coexist with them as if in parallel worlds creating their own rules.

This style involves – what can and should mix of classical and contemporary furniture, things old and new, expensive and not very strongly, and add objects to anything not suitable, but loved. If things you enjoy, if you think they are necessary and important for life, an experienced designer needs to find ways of combining them in one of the interior of your house to make you feel only positive emotions and look fashionable and beautiful. Such an interior – decorating the subject of this art in which any genre is acceptable, but boring. Feel free to link to the interior of a heavy classic furniture and curtains haytekovskie of organza. Upholstered furniture can occupy a central place in the room, and expensive exclusive collection of quietly uzhivutsya with the most massive models. Next to the masterpieces of painting or sculpture on the walls we put up nice family photographs and souvenirs brought back from travels. Is not that for imagination? The three pillars on which rests fusion – color, texture and materials. Neutral or pastel shades for the alien to that style. Style Fusion suggests rich tone and even the cause, however, perfectly in harmony with each other. This may be a combination of turquoise, magenta, gold and green colors. It may be warmer gamma red, orange in combined with inky blue undertones. Valid interesting composition of violet-purple dye and the polar black and white. And if you really draws the style – such a warm, comfortable and allows any self-expression – call us – and our designers and decorators to help you decorate your interior – bright, original, and taking into account all your wishes.

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October 5th, 2018 at 7:48 am

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Interior Ceilings In Your Apartment

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Stretch ceilings – a perfect solution for interior design of apartments, offices, houses, hospitals and even industrial premises. Appeared about 50 years ago in Europe, they have become widely used and produced in our country. Stretch ceilings significantly improve the interior of any home. If you want your apartment look respectable and sophisticated, use these modern technologies and the result exceed all your expectations! In addition to performing a purely utilitarian function of concealing technical communications, art suspended ceiling may well cope with the task of full conversion of internal space of the room. Using multi-level suspended ceilings with halogen and neon can visually enlarge a room, give the interior a unique flavor, to achieve interesting lighting effects. A variety of styles, colors and types of material varies from each individual ceiling, the variety of choice ensures that you can choose exactly what you want each individual home or apartment. Species stretch ceiling – a huge set, which one to choose depends on you.

But choosing what is best for ceilings of your apartment, you should take into account the peculiarities of each kind of suspended ceilings. Glossy stretch ceiling distinguished by their stunning decorative abilities, by which is widely used by many designers to create unique interiors. The glossy surface of the film visually increases the height ceiling and expands the space of the room. Thanks to its reflective abilities glossy stretch ceiling able to make the room bright and airy. Despite all the advantages of these ceilings, there is one “But,” glossy ceiling can not be used plohootaplivaemyh rooms where the temperature is below -5 degrees.

Written by Minna

March 30th, 2015 at 3:57 am