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The tallest and longest hedge planted in 1746 Jean Mercer and her husband Robert Murray Neyrnom hedge Beech Hedge in Meyklere (Perthshire, UK) ran along the eastern boundary of their possessions. Its length is 540, and height – 30 m. Created from a European beech (Fagus sylvatica). Legend has it that after the death of her husband Robert (who was killed at the Battle of Culloden), Gina Mercer allowed to grow a hedge to the sky as a tribute to his memory. Hedges trimmed once every ten years, but still visited all year round. The largest maze in the trees Designed by Eric and Karen Poole (both Denmark) on a maze of Samso. Samso (Denmark), occupies an area of 60,000 m2.

The length of its path reaches 5,130 m. He was put in September 1999 and opened to the public May 6, 2000 At the entrance visitors to buy tickets and puzzles with questions about Astrid Lindgren. Should immediately explore and find their way to one of the mysterious places: the temple, stone circle, the place of H. Andersen or pyramid Test your knowledge with exciting puzzles – in english.i Choose yourself the distination in the Maze and duration of the tour from half an hour to 1 hours. choose a route through a maze of different duration of the tour by an hour to 1 hours.

The oldest horticultural exhibition Shropshire Horticultural Exhibition Society is titled “The show of flowers in Shrewsbury. 15-16 August 2003, it celebrated its 116 anniversary. Annual show held in 1875 in Quarry- (Shrewsbury, UK). They were stopped only by the wars in 1914-1918 and 1940-1946 years.

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