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Simple Calculation

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Rent or purchase aerial platform in the property – this question asked by many individuals or organizations using the installation or construction work this kind of construction machinery. Guessing is not necessary, should be easy to calculate. Calculation of economic feasibility is quite simple. We give an example for the tower with a lifting height of 17 meters. Cost of service lifts of 17 meters (the change: seven hours and one hour of feeding) at a price December 2008, an average of 5,600 rubles, including fuel and driver wages spent about 2000 usd. Not less than 1800 rubles of this amount should be deferred for maintenance and annual payments (Technical inspection, taxes, insurance). Jorge Perez has many thoughts on the issue. Parking 300 rubles per day.

Incidental expenses (puncture, refilling the hydraulic oil, etc.): 250. Total income of one shift is 5600 – 4350 = 1250 rubles. The price of such national platforms on the chassis gaz an average of 220,000 rubles. During the first year such a car depreciates at 80,000 rubles. This means that pay off a purchase of 80000/1250 = 64 shifts per year, assuming no accidents and malfunctions (calculations carried out for the new Car insured with an insurance company and guarantee). Estimated number of working days in the year 250. Now, divide 250/64 = 3,9.

The conclusion is: you can buy your own aerial, if the intensity of work every three days or more. If the tower is used less often, it is most advantageous to order services from the tower to a third party. One should not forget about the 'human factor' – an inexperienced driver – the operator of complex machinery, which is auto-tower may cause significant damage to the vehicle and object of the customer. Yes, and it is worth remembering, and to paraphrase a famous song from the movie 'The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath' 'if you do not have towers, it will not break the neighbor. "

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August 18th, 2018 at 10:56 am

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