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Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, FSM, FSF, and Google Germany start Germany’s largest carrying children video platform the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk starts today in the Museum for communication in Berlin together with representatives from associations, industry and politics under juki.de-Germany’s largest being supervised children-video platform on the Internet. Juki alike entertainment, games and learning, allows children, free, safe and age. The offer is aimed at children of all education layers in between seven and twelve years of age. The website is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for culture and the media and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs in the framework of the initiative a network for children”. With the exploratory world of discoverer of, which is free from a raised index finger, children can easily discover the medium of the Internet and gain their first experience. They are in demand even as the children-Internet platform, for example by submitting videos, create your own profile in the Social community area or the composition of own contributions. They are always accompanied by a media education editorial team.

The safe use of the Internet and the creative handling are also in the focus of learning and game world with the medium of film. In addition, publishing, networking and information platform of for their own media productions for and with children is Salah also for other children page operators, parents and educational staff. The safe and competent handling of media now belongs to the core competencies of children and is a decisive prerequisite for their participation in our society. We promote these competencies with juki, without losing the life world and the interests of the children out of your sight. The cooperation between partners from different areas of society, in this outstanding project should be model for our way to a presenting Germany,”explains Thomas Kruger, President of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. Juki is the participatory communicative and productive approach”, emphasizes Sabine Frank, head of protection of minors and media literacy for Google Germany.

“” We want to give kids the opportunity with their creative potential for the creation of a network for children by bringing your own ideas and actively involved to be. “we have created with juki a unique offer, which encourages children in their creativity and sensitizes them in imaginative learning units for Internet security”, Otto Vollmers, Managing Director of volunteers highlights self-monitoring of multimedia service providers content. This interaction is essential for a modern youth protection in the media, which children and young people in their needs and their abilities to take seriously.”surf safe, room for children and development of the media literacy of young people is our goal. Juki these children – and youth network the Federal Government added as another tool”, so the Secretary of State in the Federal Family Ministry, Lutz Stroppe. The opportunity, the platform for creative use or embed videos on other children’s sites, expanding the safe range for children and creates an age-appropriate balance between the promotion of media literacy and the protection against risks.” The children video platform is a collaborative project of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk, the voluntary self-regulation of multimedia service providers (FSM), the voluntary self-regulation television (FSF) and Google Germany. The project is by the University of Mainz, supported initiative Germany securely on the net and the kids channel Nickelodeon. Contact: Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Uwe Kamp, 030-30869311 or 0160-6373155,, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle multimedia service provider, Katja Lange, 030-24048443,, voluntary self-monitoring body for television, Hans-Joachim von Gottberg, 030-23083610,, Google Germany, Lena Wagner, 040-808179236,,

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